If Self-Care and Hair-Care had a Baby, It Would Be Hairdolini.

Hairdolini is a new innovation offered exclusively by 18-year beauty industry guru, Elisabeth Wolfson, for busy moms & teens looking for a complete hair experience. This is a lifestyle choice and you’re in the company of smart women who choose to feel as good as they look and look as good as they feel.

A Comprehensive, One-Of-A-Kind Experience

Women in Midland Park, just like you, who know time is a valuable asset and choose to spend it consciously. Think BUTTERFLY EFFECT: You will feel grounded, nourished, & beautiful. Elisabeth is a well-known and trusted hair stylist as a result of her no-nonsense approach to healthy, beautiful hair via use of the highest quality, most natural and holistic cosmetic-grade ingredients and effective application techniques.

Choose From A Variety of Mindfulness Techniques

You will have the option to select from a variety of mindfulness techniques while your service treatments process in a one-on-one experience — no salon hustle here! Also, feel confident that you will learn the tools you need to replicate the hair-care and self-care at home on your own.

An Experience Accessible to Everyone

Whether you’re familiar with yoga and mindfulness practices or not, it’s accessible to everyone and Elisabeth can’t wait to show you how impactful it can be when combined with her hairstyling experience. Learn more today!