Last week, I AIR DRYED my oily, shoulder-length hair in the South Texas humidity and clipped it back for a 2+ hour car ride. Before going out that night, I flipped my head up and down a few times… and i was ready to go. How??? Because of my incredible hair cut! Elizabeth gets to know your hair before cutting or styling it, which makes the world of a difference. Everything she does is custom to YOU. I can’t say enough good things about Elizabeth’s talent and expertise.

She has styled my hair for numerous special occasions over the last 10 years. Before she gets to work, she always asks to see the outfit I’ll be wearing. Whether it be a sexy blowout, a curly updo with extensions, or a slicked back pony tail .. she rocked it & always matched the hairstyle to the vibe/look of my attire. No two styles were ever the same. I appreciate the effort Elisabeth puts in to her time with me & my hair. Her talent, positive v make for an unbelievable expe
Morgan L