4 New Client Offers:

Experience Hairdolini for yourself through any of the following offers and remember, there’s no gratuity on any service, ever!
*available for a limited time only
Each year, Elisabeth immerses in multiple educational trainings with the best NYC, Philly, & Montreal have to offer to bring you the best. Bye Bye Bad Hair Days!
FAQ: No, you’re not in down-dog with color in your hair! Elisabeth will meet you where you’re at for relaxing breath work, meditation, and/or live gong play while you sit comfortably…& if none of those appeal to you, there’s Us Weekly magazine!
Sooo, YES! something for everybody at any level.

1. Discovery Session Experience – BOOK NOW:

Learn baby Learn!!
1st Discovery Experience: $45 (save $30)
-Discovery Session includes a preview of the Hairdolini Experience with a full consultation and Answers to all your Questions. Your hair will receive Restoration Therapy which is a customized, Amino-Acid Chain restoration that works from the inside out. You’ll leave with the healthiest hair and the longest-lasting Blow Dry Styling this side of the Mississippi! *60 minutes

2. The Woman’s Hair Cut Experience – BOOK NOW:

Bad hair days don’t stand a chance!!! 
1st Hair Cut Experience: $90 (save $48)
The special rate for this hair cut experience includes our customized Hair Restoration Therapy (regularly $30), + full discovery session to co-create the best formula for your lifestyle, hair type, and hair challenges.
The Woman’s Hair Cut includes our unique meditative hair wash, precision cut, expert blow dry styling, & custom scissor-detailing finish. *90+ minutes

3. Blissed-Out Color – BOOK NOW:

1st Single Process Experience: $99 (save $19)
No-nonsense! All BLISS with No-Fade, non-toxic color.
Like Elisabeth, our color is No-nonsense. When it comes to long-standing coverage and shine, our non-toxic ingredients work & you get totally blissed-out as you and your colour process.

4. 1 First Class Offer – BOOK NOW

Attend your first Meditation or Kundalini Yoga class gratis.  I kindly ask that you reserve your spot here in advance and introduce yourself to at the end.
Love, Elisabeth
Choose One and book now! 
You and your hair will be so happy you did.