Lately on our Hairdolini blog, we have been talking about meditation and mindfulness. In our culture, what we do is often championed over our well-being or our state of mind. However, how we feel — our state of being — will affect what we can do and the quality of our performance or the attitude in which we perform a task. Taking time out of our day to be mindful and take care of our mental state is important, and today on our blog we are sharing some of the benefits of mindful practices. 

Keep reading to learn more about how to experience better health, more happiness, and a greater state of being. Also, be sure to visit the Hairdolini website to book an appointment with our hairstylist in Midland Park or to attend one of our meditation classes. 

Eight Benefits of Mindfulness

Mindfulness has many benefits that can be experienced in the moment but also those that you can enjoy over time. Here are a few of the ways that mindfulness practices can enhance your life. 

Lowers Stress

Mindfulness has a direct effect on stress. Not only can it allow you to take a deep breath and experience the peace that comes from being present in the current moment, but also there is scientific evidence of the benefits: mindfulness practices can increase the connectivity in the area of the brain that is responsible for attention and executive control. As a result, it is easier for you to handle challenging circumstances and your stress level is reduced. 

Promotes Emotional Balance

If you are feeling “off” or are not feeling emotionally well, developing a mindfulness practice could easily help you get back on track. Mindfulness allows you to better understand what your body and mind need by providing space to hear their needs. It also can promote positive thoughts and attitudes. 

Increases Resilience

When a person develops a mindfulness practice, it is easier for them to not only recover from stressful situations faster and easier, but it can allow them to recover from intense emotional situations as well. Resilience can allow you to approach difficult circumstances with greater ease and confidence. 

Reduces Anxiety & Depression

A mindfulness practice can also reduce feelings of anxiety and depression as it promotes positive attitudes and feelings while inviting you to stay present in the current moment. Mindfulness can also keep you from entertaining negative thoughts and reduce those thought patterns that can cause anxiety and depression. 

Slows Aging

When you are living with less stress, experiencing a greater sense of well-being, and feeling happier, it has an effect on our body — it slows down aging. Because you are eliminating stress, potentially sleeping better, and enjoying life to a greater degree, your body is also able to relax, better heal itself, and balance important hormones. 

Decreases Fatigue

When you are feeling less worried and experiencing a healthy state of mind, it is easier to sleep well at night. Sleeping more and getting better quality of sleep can help to decrease fatigue. Eliminating fatigue can help your body feel better, slow aging, allow you to better handle stress, and will naturally allow you to be happier. 

Improve Concentration

When you aren’t fighting anxious thoughts, enduring stress, and are able to sleep better, you will naturally enjoy greater concentration. What’s more, the practice of mindfulness can naturally enhance your concentration by giving your mind a much needed break from unhelpful thoughts and by being present in the moment. 

Uncovers Blind Spots

Often, when we don’t take time to be in the present moment, we are less aware of our internal world — our mind, body, and soul — our needs, thoughts, feelings, and emotions. When we provide our mind space through mindful practices, we can naturally have a greater ability to hear our own thoughts and feelings. As a result, we can live life truer to our needs and desires. 

If you would like to become more mindful, join Hairdolini for our meditation classes and Kundalini classes in Midland Park! We truly believe in the power of living a more balanced and mindful life. Our hairstylists would love to provide a more zen environment for your next hair appointment. Learn more and book with us when you visit our website.