Welcome to the Hairdolini blog! At the core of everything Elisabeth offers is her dedication to providing her clients with a relaxing environment that utilizes the benefits of meditation and Kundalini yoga. The benefits that meditation can provide are limitless. Keep reading to learn about how yoga can change your life by increasing your health and well-being, and visit the Hairdolini website to make an appointment to experience first hand just how much meditative activities can impact your life.    

Meditation: For the Body, Mind & Soul

Often when people think about meditation, they think of someone sitting on a cushion, eyes closed, humming to themselves, or they picture a Buddhist monk in a monastery. Meditation can look like both of those situations. However, meditation can take many different forms and isn’t just for those who you think have reached enlightenment — it is for everyone.

8 Reasons To Do Meditation 

With increasingly busier schedules, unlimited connection to social media, and seemingly higher expectations, we need meditation more than ever. It provides space in the mind for brain chatter to dissipate so you can hear your true inner voice. As a result, it slows your breathing, decreases your stress, and gives your body a break. While in this quiet space, you have the opportunity to control the messages that your soul receives. 

Like exercise, you must do it regularly to experience the benefits and to get better at it. Additionally, you will have days when it’s easier to meditate than others. No matter if you feel like you did a good job, just by showing up and attempting, you are continuing to build your meditation practice. Though sitting still for even just a couple of minutes a day might be difficult, it will be worth it to experience these benefits. 

Greater Sense of Happiness

Everyone wants to feel happy. However, in a world of seemingly never-ending chaos, political upheaval in addition to our personal stressors like relationships, money, and our futures, it can easily cause us to stress and complain. Meditation can help us to be present in the here and now and to find contentment in the current moment. What’s more, the act of mediation causes the secretion of endorphins which can elevate our mood and increase feelings of well-being throughout our body. 

Reduce Your Stress Levels

When you meditate, you are focused on the here and now, and it can easily decrease your stress levels. It allows you to stop worrying, to realize that in this present moment you are okay, and it can give you greater space to think through the problems or complications that may be stressing you out. It also allows you to have greater control over your fight or flight response; when we experience stress, our body often goes into a heightened sense of anxiety. When you practice meditation, you can have an easier time switching off your body and mind from flight-or-flight mode to deal with the challenges of the day in a calm, thoughtful way. 

Increased Ability to Focus

Have you ever found your mind wandering or experienced difficulting concentrating because your mind is being bombarded by incoming thoughts? Meditation stimulates the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain that works to problem-solve and is responsible for concentration and focus. Essentially, meditation strengthens your concentration “muscle,” making it easier to naturally focus on the task and moment at hand. 

Improves Sleep

In many cases, the reason why we can’t sleep is due to our mind and body’s inability to slow down. Because meditation increases relaxation, it allows your mind and your body to drift off to sleep. What’s more, meditation increases the quality of sleep through the enhancement of slow wave sleep patterns. With getting more sleep and better quality rest, our entire self will be affected positively — not only increasing our quality of health, but also increasing our well-being. 

Lowers Your Blood Pressure

Since meditation increases our relaxation, it will also lower your blood pressure both in the moment and over the course of your life. Lowering your blood pressure also reduces wear-and-tear on your heart and arteries, and can allow you to experience greater peace and the mental space to have thoughtful reactions to life’s challenges.  

Relieves Pain

Meditation can decrease your sensitivity to pain as it can change your brain’s perception of pain. Many who experience chronic pain find relief due to a meditation practice. Those who exercise may see an increase in performance as well, not only due to the body’s changed perception of pain, but also due to the increased ability to stay calm during stressful situations. You may see your endurance and strength increase — which will, in turn, increase your confidence! 

Leads to Connection With Others

Though much of mediation is inwardly focused, it can change how we interact and perceive others. Meditation is often linked to an increased sense of compassion which allows you greater patience for those in your life as well as those out on the road, in the grocery store, and other strangers that we interact with. Physically, meditation helps to stabilize our stress levels and it regulates our hormones — two of the greatest factors responsible for how we react. 

Strengthens Your Sense of Self

With all the chatter in our brains and all the other forces we encounter throughout our day, it is easy to lose sight of ourselves. Mediation provides the opportunity to focus on positive thoughts about ourselves. We have the opportunity to repeat impactful mantras and for us to hear what our mind is trying to tell us. Also, because mediation generally increases positive feelings, emotions, and makes us more compassionate, our aura is strengthened. As a result, others will be drawn to our presence and will want to spend more time with us. 

Meditation affects our entire being which gives us the opportunity to change our lives holistically. To learn how to mediate, take a class with Elisabeth! If you want to have a calming experience and to have your hair colored, cut, and styled by a world class hair stylist, book with Elisabeth!