Welcome back to the Hairdolini blog! This is your one place to learn more about living stress-free, connected to your source, and looking great while doing it. Today, we are going to discuss how to choose the best hairstyle or haircut for you. Changing up your style is exciting, but it can also seem stressful if you are making a dramatic change. Though we can’t alleviate all the apprehension around making a change to our appearance, we can be a little more sure of our decision. 

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How to Choose Your Next Hairstyle

Have you ever seen a picture in a magazine of a celebrity with a hairstyle that seemed like the perfect fit for your look, but when you actually got the hairstyle, you absolutely hated it? Did you wonder how it could be so perfect for them, but not work for you? Here are some ways that you can make sure that next time you are in the chair at the salon that you get a look that you will love. 

Face Shape

Have you wondered why certain hairstyles look good on some people, but not on others? It’s probably because of their face shape! There are five general face shapes: 

  • Heart
  • Long
  • Oval
  • Round
  • Square

To find a hairstyle that works best for your face, first determine your face shape and what types of hairstyles work best for your haircut. If there is a specific haircut that you love, but you’re not sure it will work for you, ask your hair stylist about how they can adjust it to fit your face!


Another key aspect to think about is the maintenance level required to keep your hairstyle looking good. Some haircuts require more frequent visits to the salon than others. For example, pixie cuts and shorter hair styles will need to be trimmed every few weeks depending on how long your hair grows. The same is true for bangs; depending on your style, you may need to have them trimmed frequently. However, longer hairstyles can go a few months without needing a trim.

The same concept is true for coloring or highlighting your hair. Some colors need to be frequently treated with a color-renewing mask at home or you may need to visit your stylist more frequently to keep your color looking good. If you’re concerned about how often you have to visit the salon, talk to your stylist about how to make your color last longer. 

When making a change, make sure you are willing to put in the work to keep your hair looking fabulous!

Hairstyle Goals

When changing up your style you also need to think about your hairstyle goals; are you wanting to make several drastic changes in the next several months? For example, are you wanting to color your hair a dark color, only to go a bleach blonde a few months later? If so, you may want to reconsider. When coloring your hair, it is always easier to go light to dark than dark to light. Also, big color changes can put your hair at risk for damage even with the most talented hair stylists. Talk to your stylist about how you can achieve your hair goals in a way that keeps your hair healthy and happy. 

Personal Taste

No matter what you decide to do with your hair, make sure that it matches your personal taste. Hair trends come and go and at the end of the day the best look is one that makes you feel most like yourself when wearing it. Before you make a drastic style change, ask yourself why you want to do it. Many reasons are legitimate. However, if you’re doing it for anyone but yourself, you may want to rethink your choices. The only way to live an enlightened life is staying connected to who you really are. 

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